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Ben Kendall Enterprise is available for all your service concerns regarding multifold international machinery.

We can provide parts for all multifold international machinery.

One of our projects involved the replacement of the antiquated dual-output gear box and clutch/brake unit from two multifold Accumulators*. We installed 2 inverter duty motors run by AC drives, as well as, a belt driven system.  Additionally, we replaced the electrical panel, utilizing a PLC instead of relays and external timers.  The electrical panel was pre-built at our location while the rest of the work took place in the field, taking less than a week to complete each machine.

(*An Accumulator is similar to an end-push Uni-Packer, but without the case rack and lift table).


A list of some of the equipment we would be happy to work with you on...

Unipackers, Unifeeders, Uni-Packers, Uni-Feeders, Turn Over Feeders, Turn Over Top Feeders, End Load Carton Packers, Accumulators, Case Erectors, 2 Across Stackers, 3 Across Stackers, Pack Stations, as well as, any other packers, prefeeders, feeders, or stackers built by multifold international.

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